(frequently asked questions)

What camera do you use? 
I currently switch between a Canon 5D mark III or a Canon 5D mark IV. I started photographing with a Canon EOS 600D, then moved onto a Canon 7D. I occasionally use a Digital Mamiya, or my Polaroid EE100. 

What lenses do you use? 
My most used lenses are: 
Canon 50mm 1.8
Tamron 24-70mm 2.8
Sigma 15mm 2.8

I want to start taking photographs, where do I start? 
Nowadays digital camera's are quickly catching up to DSLR's, although right now, I still prefer DSLR's. I suggest you look at a mid range semi professional camera, within your budget. It's better to buy a cheaper camera, and a better lens. Then make sure you read the manual, and watch Youtube video's that match your interest. The most important thing is to have fun, go out and explore. I think I went out every day for a couple hours, for about 2 years before I truly understood my camera. As with everything, photography, and learning to use your camera 100% manually is an art - and there is a reason why it's a full time study! Don't be discouraged if you don't understand it at first, you will get there if you persist. 

How did you learn to edit, use photoshop and lightroom?
I am almost 80% self taught through Youtube video's (I have spent weeks, [months probably] watching video's, everything takes time!) - there are hundreds of amazing channels that will walk you through everything you need to know. My top recommendations are: Jessica Kobessi, B&H Photo Video, COOPH, Mike Browne, Fstoppers. 

Do you do private session? 
Yes, I love them! Email me and we'll figure something out. 

Do you travel for shoots?
Uhm, yes please! If you're willing to pay for my travel I'll go just about anywhere! ;)

I don't have a budget, can we still work together? 
If you are a student or MUAH and you come up with a really cool concept, + models, of course I will consider working with you for free, if it aids both of our portfolio's! Please note that I do not do events, festivals, private sessions for free. Ever. Would you ask a laywer to work for free? Or a someone working at a checkout? No. This is a full time job, and I do my own, personal projects that I like in my free time. <3 LOBI. 

I have a really specific question, can I email you? 
Of course! Though I get a lot of emails every day, if you really think I can add to your perspective or thoughts, please do and I will do my best to reply. You can email me via: hellomadouk@gmail.com

You live in Amsterdan, right? Do you want to get coffee and talk photography?
I wish I could meet every one of you, but I am actually quite busy with shooting, school, editing, and seeing my close friends - so I don't have too much free time. If I do, I will let you know and we will try to sort something out. Please understand that I don't have endless hours in my days and that sometimes it's just not possible or practical. 

Who are you? 
Check out my about page!